Boost curb appeal. Ten budget friendly ideas for better appeal


By Family Features

Your home’s first big impression is its curb appeal. If your place is in need of some sprucing up, you may wonder how you can make some updates without breaking the bank.

These 10 ideas are easy on budgets and can make a big impact on your home’s exterior image.

Knock, knock

As long as your front door is in good condition, there’s no need to replace it completely. A fresh coat of paint can instantly update your home’s fa- cade. Go bold or stick with a classic hue. It’s all up to you.

Window dressing

Dress up the windows. Add character and charm by enhancing your front windows. You might add wooden shutters, window box planters or both. Also look at the trim around the windows. If it’s chipped and peeling, add a fresh coat of paint. Not only does it look nice, it can protect your windows from dam- age, too.

Flower power

An unkempt flower bed can drag down an otherwise stunning home. Keep beds tidy and vegetation trimmed, even during the offseason. Watch for weeds. Replenish mulch or rock ground cover as needed to keep the beds looking healthy and inviting.

Light it up

Install new lighting. Replacing outdated light fixtures can give your exterior an instant upgrade. There’s no right or wrong style. Choose a color and look that matches the rest of your design.

Welcome home

Replace worn welcome mats. A cheerful mat at your front door can be an inviting sight for visitors. Mats inevi- tably wear with time and what was once bright and charm- ing becomes dingy and dull. A new mat can help bring back that cheery entry you once cherished.

Under pressure

Over time, driveways and sidewalks collect an incredible amount of grime. Pressure wash the drive and walk. Pressure washing not only eliminates the filth, but the clean surfaces also add to your home’s visual appeal.


Add new vegetation. Landscaping is a relatively inexpensive way to introduce more personality to a yard. Aim for a mix of pretty and practical, such as some low flowering bushes and some trees or bushes that offer privacy and shade.

Fix it

Keep up with basic maintenance. When your home is in poor repair, it shows. Pay attention to bent or rusting gutters. Imperfections in the roof and other maintenance matters aren’t just aesthetic. If left unrepaired, they can also result in major damage.

It’s in the details

Pay attention to details. Functional items like the mail- box might not seem like much of a design element, but these small details can be a big distraction if they’re not in good condition. Update or replace as needed to keep your aesthetic in sync.

Tis the season

Add seasonal decor. There’s no need to go all out for every occasion, but some timely decorations that celebrate the holiday or season make your entry fun and festive. Coordinate wreaths, planters, signs and other accent pieces for a cohesive look that invites guests.