Majority supports Duke Street in Motion


To the editor:

When I signed up to speak at the City Council hearing on Duke Street in Motion, I expected to be one of just a few voices supporting the project. Coverage of the transit-focused project has consistently called it “controversial,” and the Times’ opinion section has been dominated by people with concerns or who oppose it outright.

Imagine my surprise when supportive speakers formed a clear majority: by my count 41 people spoke in favor while 26 voiced concerns or opposed the project.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised. There’s a long history of support for BRT on Duke Street. Multiple City Councils have envisioned

Duke Street as a high-capacity transit corridor. Public feedback gathered over the last two years pointed to significant public support for the project’s goals. Most speakers supported the project at the Transportation Commission, and the Times’ reader poll in May found most respondents wanted multi-modal transportation options prioritized on Duke Street, aligning with the project’s goals.

In a city of more than 150,000 people there will always be differences of opinion. That’s healthy! But a clear and vocal majority of Alexandrians are excited to get Duke Street in Motion.

-Alex Goyette, Alexandria