Stylish safety. Aging gracefully at home

Stylish safety. Aging gracefully at home
The right mobility aid can help you navigate your home.

By Family Features

While aging is inevitable, it doesn’t mean you can’t do so with grace and style. For many seniors hoping to look and feel their best, there are plenty of options. From the clothing they wear to products they use every day. Choosing more stylish safety accessories is one way to go.

Set the standard for a better and more enjoyable lifestyle with mobility and bath safety products that are fashionable and modern. Consider these supportive care products to maximize style and safety.

Around the home

The right mobility aid can help you navigate your home. A rolling walker has renowned functional features to help you easily stand and walk safely and independently. Choosing an aid with smooth-rolling, all-terrain wheels make it easy to get around in or outside of your home. Find a device that easily folds for travel and storage with adjustable easy-grip handles for a custom fit and fashionable function.

For the bathroom

The most essential purpose of bathroom safety aids is to prevent falls on wet, slippery surfaces. Securely-attached bath mats, grab bars and chairs allow you to sit while shower- ing for extra peace of mind. A backrest for comfort and rust-resistant chair materials will add protection to resist mold and mildew.

In the bedroom

Maximize rest, relaxation and safety in and around your bed. To help you get in and out of bed, an adjustable assist bed bar can slide around the side of the mattress to offer support. There are many stylish designs and neutral colors available to seamlessly blend in with bedding and linens to provide both function and flair.