A brilliant camera click

A brilliant camera click

To the editor: 

We live in a world of war, upheaval, dishonesty, chaos, gloom and dread. 

So, when something breaks through that dreadful spiral, it is a cause for a moment of joy. 

Such was the unexpected pause that occurred when I was leafing through the October 5 Alexandria Times issue. The stunning photo by Lee Moody on page 26 stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t a picture “of just some unknown building.” 

Instead, Moody’s brilliant camera click – at that moment – captured the shimmering elegance of the brightly lit façade, reflected in flooded waters in the street at the intersection of King and Union Streets. It gave new meaning to the old cliché that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

But it also triggered in my mind another memorable cliché that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Kudos to the photographer for offering us a good surprise in our weary world. 

This photo belongs in an art gallery so many more can enjoy its visual tranquility and peaceful presence. 

-Kathleen M. Burns, Alexandria