Tying the Knot: Wedding elegance captured through the lens of ‘lyfeinfocus’

Tying the Knot: Wedding elegance captured through the lens of ‘lyfeinfocus’
(Photo / Abdullah Shahzad)

By Wafir Salih

While nearly everyone today has access to high-quality cameras through their smartphone, the art that is professional wedding photography remains unmatched. 

Good photography transcends documentation: it’s about capturing the essence of those fleeting moments and raw emotions. Ever since the invention of the camera in the 19th century, people have sought to preserve moments that would otherwise fade away into the recesses of memory.

Capturing a couple’s love is a unique part of Shahzad’s job. (Photo/Abdullah Shahzad)

Abdullah Shahzad – known to many as ‘lyfeinfocus’ on social media – is a testament to this spirit of photography, boasting a wide-ranging portfolio of photoshoots from the city of Alexandria to cobblestones of Occoquan. For Shahzad, his role extends beyond just capturing those special moments at weddings; it’s also about navigating the unpredictable ebb and flow of the ceremonies. 

“A lot of times there’s things that come up in the middle,” Shahzad said. “Sometimes they plan a cake cutting and they forget to cut it. … I have had a couple events where people start dancing and they don’t stop.” 

Shahzad said he’s witnessed firsthand how some couples will plan their entire wedding ceremony around achieving the perfect photographs. 

“[Some couples] give photography a priority,” he said. “A lot of time people would walk slowly to enter [the wedding hall] just because they want to get the perfect shot. It makes my job easier and makes the photos look good.” 

For many photographers, the equipment they use plays a crucial role in their workflow. Shahzad said he’s particularly a big fan of Canon cameras. 

“I feel like Canon photos are easier to edit, and the skin tones look nice,” he said. “What I’m using right now is a Canon EOS R6. And that’s my main camera because it has lower megapixels, so the photos are not huge.” 

Due to how hectic weddings can sometimes be, Shahzad tries to keep his setup as simple as possible in order to maximize efficiency on the special day. 

“I’ve gotten used to just having a good flow of getting stuff done early, getting the setup done early so I can get like the detail shots as I walk in,” he said. “I don’t try to bring too much equipment, too much lighting to set up. I try to keep it simple.” 

Shahzad expressed a preference for outdoor weddings when it came to getting the best shots. 

“If it’s outdoors, it becomes a lot simpler. Especially if it’s outdoors in the evening time,” he said. “I did an engagement party shoot and during that time, it was perfect lighting, so I didn’t have to do much in terms of setting up or getting stressed about lighting.” 

When it comes to the ideal season for wedding photography, Shahzad did not mince words. 

“Fall, definitely fall. Definitely this season right now that’s coming. A lot of people do try to do events outdoors and if it’s the right weather, it turns out great,” Shahzad said. 

Discover more of Shahzad’s photography and book him for your special day by visiting lyfeinfocus.com. He is also available on Facebook and Instagram at @lyfeinfocus.