Don’t abandon Ukraine now

Don’t abandon Ukraine now

By Ethan Bond

I’ve not written one of these before but as I am seething with rage at the moment, it was at the very least cathartic to write this: 

President Zelensky comes again to Washington, D.C., much like Sir Winston Churchill did more than half a century ago, to plead the case for his beleaguered nation as it faces an existential threat in the form of unbridled aggression from a far larger foe. 

Meanwhile, J.D. Vance and his cohorts within the far-right have orchestrated a disgraceful display of betrayal and short-sightedness. Their refusal to support a crucial ally at its most desperate hour is not just abhorrent – it’s a catalyst for catastrophe. 

Let’s dissect the delusion that withholding funds from Ukraine would somehow coerce a negotiated end to the war with Russia. Only the most gullible would truly believe that weakening Ukraine’s defenses would magically lead to peace talks. 

The reality? It emboldens Putin, paves the blood-soaked path for Russia to seize more territory and ensures the death toll skyrockets, all while inching perilously closer to NATO’s borders. Ultimately, the U.S. will have to intervene, but this time, the struggle will be fiercer, costlier and more agonizingly difficult to overcome. 

Look no further than Tommy Tuberville’s page in the annals of spineless political theater. His misguided focus on stirring the cauldron of “wokeness” only exposed the current Grand Old Party’s abandonment of national security. 

Similarly, Vance and his cronies are on track to become the next protagonists in this tragicomedy. They’ve morphed the GOP into a party that has long ago abandoned our national security interests, our military, our intelligence services and the very notion of law and order; instead worshiping a six-times bankrupt, four-times-indicted, twice-impeached, one-term ex-president whose shadow eclipses any principles the party once claimed. 

Suppose Vance and his Trumpian lackeys believe that appeasing Vladimir Putin will earn them a return ticket to the White House. In that case, they are playing a treasonous game of geopolitical roulette with the gun held to the head of a key ally who is fighting for its very survival. Even without this shameless act of fealty by Vance, Putin will mobilize his trolls to flood the U.S. with disinformation to sway next year’s elections in favor of his far-right allies. 

In the end, the Trump-infested GOP will find itself standing on the wrong side of history, squandering America’s credibility, endangering global security and leaving behind a legacy stained with treachery and opportunistic myopia. 

The far-right’s cowardice is not just a betrayal of Ukraine; it’s a betrayal of American values, security and the very essence of moral decency. Their allegiance to a demagogue and their reckless gamble with Ukrainian lives are poised to have repercussions that extend far beyond the confines of partisan politics. 

History will not look kindly upon this chapter in the GOP’s descent into moral bankruptcy. 

The writer recently returned to the U.S. from Ukraine and continues to be heavily involved in various medical support and research efforts associated with the war.