Stationery must-haves for wedding invites

Stationery must-haves for wedding invites
Set the tone of your special day with your wedding invites. (Photo/Pixabay)

By Nancy Smith

Weddings are such a special time for couples, and I love helping them make the best first impression of their wedding with their invitations. The invitations can be as individual as each couple. 

Setting the tone 

As with any party, the invitation sets the tone. Either the invitation or the save the date gives the recipient the date and location, but it also conveys a certain “feel” for the wedding. Is it casual? Elegant? Indoors? Outdoors? 

Save the dates can be helpful and can have information that wouldn’t be on the invitation, like a website for more information regarding accommodations and other peripheral information for guests. The time to send out save-the-date cards can never really be too early, especially depending on several factors, including wedding location, travel plans and the like. You want to make it as easy for your guests to make their arrangements and to get on their calendar. 

The wedding invitations are generally sent out six to eight weeks in advance. But, if there is no save the date, these should be sent even earlier. 

Popular trends 

The trends in wedding invitations have become more creative than the very traditional ivory paper with black ink from years past. It can still be a traditional engraved invitation, but using an ink color other than black – to give it a bit of an updated look while still maintaining a sense of traditional elegance – is a way to blend the traditional and include modern twists. Whether it is the color of the paper or the ink, I think it is nice to incorporate a color that is going to be in the wedding either in the dress, flowers or decorations. 

Invitations can also be thermographed, letterpressed or flat printed. Regardless of the printing style, I am a big believer in quality paper so that it looks and feels special. 

Other additions to the traditional invitation include a response set and a reception card. As times are evolving, we have also seen a response done on a wedding website. 

Reception information can be on the invitation, for example: ‘Dinner and Dancing after the ceremony.’ It is a way to save a bit on the cost, and is perfectly acceptable. The most important thing is to make it work for you and for your guests. 

Many couples have started to include custom monograms, often incorporating some of their interests, including pets. This motif can also be carried over into the response set, reception card, place cards, menu cards and stationery. I have also done watercolor images of the venue on the lining of the envelope, which is beautiful and such a special touch. 


It is always recommended to order extra envelopes to allow for any mistakes in addressing, whether you are hand addressing, you are using a calligrapher or it is being done from a printer. 

As mentioned above, other parts of the wedding stationery can include menu cards, place cards, table cards and cocktail napkins. These can all be ordered after the invitations. 

Another piece of logistical advice: Once you have the details firmed up, go ahead and get your invitations in the works. That way, if there is any snafu or delay, there is no added stress. This should be a very happy time in your life and you should enjoy every part of the process. Once you get the wedding invitations done, it is good to get personalized stationery for thank you notes. 

One way to have your stationery done in advance is to use just the two first names. That way, if a bride is changing her name, it won’t matter as it can be used before and after the wedding. And, if a bride is changing her name and getting a new monogram, that is always fun to add to a stationery wardrobe.

So, let the invitation reflect you and set the tone for your very special day.

The writer is the owner of Walton Street Stationers, established in 1999, in Old Town.