The sweet rewards of credit union share certificates

The sweet rewards of credit union share certificates
Carrie Lazar. (Photo/Jason Dixson Photography)

By Carrie Lazar

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to celebrate love and think about the future. While chocolates and flowers bring instant joy, consider a gift that lasts beyond the day: the gift of financial security. 

A credit union share certificate might not be as romantic as a bouquet of roses, but its benefits can sow the seeds for a prosperous and stable future for you and your loved one. Here are some of the sweet rewards. 

Throughout 2023, credit union share certificates outpaced bank certificates of deposit in rate offerings and special certificates. According to’s list of best certificate rates nationwide, credit unions own seven of the top 10 rates – including the top three – in January. 

Steady growth 

One of the primary benefits of a share certificate is the fixed interest rate it offers. This means your money will grow at a predetermined rate over the certificate’s term. Your savings will steadily accumulate, providing financial stability for future endeavors. 

Low-risk investment 

Share certificates are renowned for their low-risk nature. Your principal amount is protected, ensuring your savings remain intact even during economic uncertainties. This safety net allows you to focus on building your dreams without worrying about market fluctuations. 


A well-rounded financial portfolio is like a symphony of different instruments playing in harmony. Share certificates can serve as a key instrument, adding diversity to your investment strategy. By including them alongside other investments, you create a balanced and resilient financial plan. 

Discipline and commitment 

Saving for the future requires commitment. With a share certificate, you commit to leaving your funds untouched for a specific duration. This discipline fosters a savings mindset and ensures your money is dedicated to achieving your long-term goals. 


Building a life together involves planning for different stages. Share certificates offer laddering options, allowing you to stagger maturity dates of multiple certificates. This ensures funds become available at strategic intervals. They are also offered in various terms and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

A gift for future generations 

Share certificates can be part of a thoughtful strategy for leaving a financial gift for future generations. By including share certificates in your estate planning, you contribute to the future prosperity of your family. 

A share certificate’s s benefits echo the enduring qualities of a strong and stable relationship. You’re investing in a future filled with financial security, shared dreams and the sweet rewards of a life well-lived together. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

The writer is a senior communications manager at USSFCU, a $1.3 billion financial institution that serves Senate and Capitol Hill communities with financial stability, security and service. Those interested in learning more can visit