A statement from Bill Euille

A statement from Bill Euille

Dear fellow Alexandrians:

I am writing to set the record straight with respect to a recent article, “Former Mayor Euille was focus of FBI probe” in the February 15 Alexandria Times, regarding a June 2012 check payable to me from Hubert Hoffman.

To be clear, this was a loan that was appropriately supported by a promissory note. Mr. Hoffman and I have been friends since the 1970s, having first met when I graduated from college and returned to Alexandria to begin a career in the construction industry.

In 2012, I was a party to business investment in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, my business partner absconded with more than $200,000. The source of those funds was my personal bank line of credit. My business partner then filed for bankruptcy and abruptly left the area unannounced.

As a result, I was in desperate need of funds to repay the bank and to protect my personal home from foreclosure. So, I turned to my friend Mr. Hoffman for a loan. The loan was timely repaid in full. I thank Mr. Hoffman for coming to my rescue. The foregoing facts were fully disclosed to the FBI and U.S. Attorney.

I have served Alexandria and its citizens with dignity and respect for more than 20 years. I have not and would never accept a payment of any kind from anyone for my vote or support. I am deeply embarrassed by this situation and express my remorse for the resulting optics.

-Bill Euille, former mayor, City of Alexandria