Let’s vote on the arena

Let’s vote on the arena
(Graphic/Jessica Kim)

To the editor:

When I first heard about the new arena, I thought it was awesome. It would be really cool to be able to go to games so close. But then I heard that the city was paying for it. That doesn’t seem fair or to make any sense.

I think it’s great that basketball players can make millions of dollars. However, the city should not be responsible for building and paying for it. If the city has extra money available, I think they should build something that could benefit the city in the long term like recreation centers, parks or even improve the tree canopy.

The city should use our tax dollars for things that build our community and improve the lives of Alexandrians. Instead, we are being robbed for the purpose of building an arena that will increase traffic, damage the Potomac and destroy small businesses that were already in the designated area.

The most appalling part of this project is how much public disapproval there is toward the project but that the city is still going forward with this. My suggestion is that we have a vote. Let’s make sure that the people who are paying for the project actually have a say in it.

-William McCusker, 8th grade student, SSSAS Life Scout, Troop 129