Loaded handgun found in elementary student’s backpack

Loaded handgun found in elementary student’s backpack
(File photo)

By Ryan Hopper

An elementary school student brought a relative’s loaded Ruger 9mm handgun to school on Friday, according to a Saturday press release by the Alexandria Police Department and police scanner traffic from openmhz.com.

The release indicated this is an ongoing police investigation in consultation with Alexandria City Public Schools and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. It read in part:

“An elementary school student brought a loaded handgun into school inside a book bag. The child voluntarily mentioned in conversation with their teacher that they had the gun. The teacher immediately took possession of the book bag, notified school administrators and police were called. To our knowledge, no other children observed the weapon or were aware of its existence.

“APD responded within minutes and secured the firearm. A family member of the child has identified the firearm as belonging to them. The family is cooperating with police. The firearm remains in the custody of the APD,” the release said.

The public was first made aware of this incident through a Friday afternoon press release in which APD stated that:

“Everyone remained safe and secure. The child’s parents were notified and were cooperative with police. At no time was there a threat.”

Here is the timeline of events according to publicly available police scanner traffic from openmhz.com.

11:44:38 a.m.: Police indicate a call had just come in from a Lyles-Crouch administrator that a weapon was found inside of a student’s backpack.
12:03:20 p.m.: Units on the scene identify the weapon as a Ruger 9mm handgun and report its serial number to APD headquarters.
12:03:38 p.m.: Police search the handgun’s serial number and determine the handgun was not stolen.

The Times reached out to APD for comment and was told by APD Communications Manager Tracy Walker that Saturday’s update was all the information the department currently has to provide.

“As more [information] becomes available we will certainly share that. As of now, this is an ongoing investigation,” Walker said in the email.