Top five kid-friendly restaurants in Del Ray

Top five kid-friendly restaurants in Del Ray
The Dairy Godmother offers an array of sweet treats in Del Ray. (Photo/The Dairy Godmother via Facebook)

By Ridley Forner

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Alexandria, but only so many are meant for the kids! Whether it’s the menu items, atmosphere or both, these local restaurants are perfect for kids. 

Take a look at my top five kid-friendly restaurants. 

5. Bella Napoli, 1310 Mount Vernon Ave. 

Bella Napoli is your iconic Italian restaurant – believe me, I have been to Italy. 

To start off, they serve sweet-tasting salads and Italian bread that any kid would devour. To me, the best food is the pasta, which can come gluten-free, egg-free, both or neither. 

After this comes dessert, and their tiramisu is delicious. Once you’re loaded up with sugar, your parents can boot you out of the restaurant and let you run around the block. 

4. Del Ray Pizzeria, 2218 Mount Vernon Ave. 

The Del Ray Pizzeria or, as the locals call it, the DRP, is the best pizzeria in town. The DRP has outdoor seating, which is heated during the winter, but this terrific way to eat a meal is not anything compared to man’s greatest invention, PIZZA! 

The DRP has every kind imaginable, from cheese and pepperoni, to vegetarian to gluten-free. Their pizzas have very little grease and are seasoned in just the right way to make them mouth-watering. As they like to say, “It’s not Chicago style pizza, it’s not New York style pizza, it’s Del Ray pizza.” 

3. Holy Cow, 2312 Mount Vernon Ave. 

As its hilarious name suggests, this is “Del Ray’s gourmet burger joint.” It makes it onto this list because of its customizable menu that sits at the entrance, waiting to be filled out. You can pick and choose your way through categories such as “Sassy & Saucy” and “Make it Fancy.” 

It even has an old train station departure and arrival board that displays things such as fun facts, jokes and the weather and time in St. Louis, Alexandria and New York City. 

2. Los Tios, 2615 Mount Vernon Ave. 

Right away you will love this place because of the bowl of mints at the entrance. As soon as you are seated, they hand you a bowl of salsa and chips that are still warm. After you have finished demolishing the chips, you can play on the playground, which is located right across the street, until your dinner arrives. 

When the food does come, you will wolf down your meal and ask to play on the playground again. It’s a perfect date night for the parents! 

1. The Dairy Godmother, 2310 Mount Vernon Ave. 

If you are starting to notice the trend of clever names for Del Ray restaurants, you’re right! The Dairy Godmother is as good – if not better – than the name implies. Every kid knows that sugar outranks everything else, even pizza, and that is why the Dairy Godmother is number one on the list. 

The Dairy Godmother offers ice cream in cones or bowls, shakes, a flavor-of-the-day, gelato, ice cream cups for dogs, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream sundaes and baked goods. There is also an abundance of toppings to choose from. 

Just Fine Donuts shares space with the Dairy Godmother and is a perfect example of “the early bird gets the worm” – or, in this case, the donut – because they are usually sold out by evening. Enjoy a donut while you’re there!

Ridley Forner (Courtesy photo)

Now go out and enjoy what Del Ray has to offer! 

The writer is a sixth grade student at Potomac Classical Conservatory in Del Ray.