Housing, a serious concern

Housing, a serious concern

To the editor:

I am a wife and stay-at-home mother of two. Housing is a serious concern for my family and my community.

In 2017, we lived in a two-bedroom apartment in the West End. Our rent increased from $1,480 to $1,980 within a year. Struggling financially, we moved to a one-bedroom in Chirilagua for $1,400. We were at peace for three years, until the rent increased to $1,680.

It saddens me that we barely see my husband because he works so much for us to have a home. I’d like to help with a job, but daycare costs are so high that my paycheck wouldn’t make a difference.

City Council must help families by allocating $10 million for a local voucher program for households earning 40% of the area median income and below, and $10 million to expand ARISE, the guaranteed income pilot program.

Last year, we moved again. Our two-bedroom in the West End now costs $2,120. Families like mine are frustrated with rent hikes and worried about losing our homes. Local investments would help families like mine have financial stability. We hope City Council will take action.

-Yessy Gonzales,