My first Spring2ACTion

My first Spring2ACTion

By Vannice Evans

This year marks my first Spring2ACTion, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this incredible initiative. As a new Alexandrian it was imperative for me to find a way to support causes close to my heart. Through engaging with the nonprofits involved in Spring2ACTion, I’ve been able to engage my passions of education, housing, and rehabilitation services through my professional and academic career.

The opportunity to contribute during Spring2ACTion fills me with anticipation, and I eagerly await the chance to share the remarkable endeavors of these nonprofits with my loved ones. Witnessing the dedication of the nonprofit heroes who tirelessly assist those in need is truly inspiring.

Being able to engage with nonprofits made me realize the impact of collective giving. In a post-pandemic world, many nonprofits find themselves grappling with limited resources, while simultaneously confronting emergent challenges that demand swift action. Knowing the vulnerable state nonprofits are in, I will Spring2ACTion to ensure the sustainability of my community. Through collective giving, each participating nonprofit will gain access to essential resources, enabling them to enhance their services, launch innovative programs for youth and expand their network of supporters.

Not only have I had the chance to connect with many Alexandria nonprofits, but also with high school students. Before coming to the city, I had never seen youth participating in philanthropy.

In my role, I have the unique experience of learning how Spring2ACTion directly impacts youth through the ACT for Alexandria Youth Council. Observing the Youth Council articulate how Spring2ACTion has empowered them to engage with community leaders, partake in meaningful service projects and even establish their own nonprofits, has been truly inspiring.

This experience has fueled my enthusiasm to educate middle and high school students about Spring2ACTion this year. From my interactions with Alexandria’s youth, it’s evident that they already harbor strong ties with nonprofits and are eager to inspire others to give back.

I plan to foster collective giving through social media. With Instagram’s story function and Facebook Live, I can create short videos on why “I Spring2ACTion” and highlight my favorite nonprofits. I challenge everyone to join me in celebrating the wonderful things happening in our beloved community!

The writer is an associate at ACT for Alexandria.