I support Abdel Elnoubi

I support Abdel Elnoubi

To the editor:

I am writing to thank you for your profile of City Council candidate Abdel Elnoubi. I have known Abdel since the days when we were both volunteering in Grassroots Alexandria, before he was elected to the School Board. Together we worked proactively for a kinder, safer, more equitable and more transparent Alexandria. He continues this work today on the school board. He deserves our votes for City Council.

Speaking only for myself – Grassroots Alexandria is nonpartisan – and speaking only about issues that matter to me as an Alexandrian of many years, I recommend Abdel wholeheartedly. For example, in 2017-2018, Abdel and I worked with our allies in Tenants and Workers United and NAACP Alexandria to obtain more transparent police reports on the demographics of the people they stop and question. That policy was never fully implemented and so that work needs to continue.

I’ve talked with Abdel about Zoning For Housing and he agrees that ending single-family zoning was a small step to reduce the historic housing segregation we see all around us. As a West End resident, he is aware that working-class Alexandrians in market-rate “affordable” housing too often live in conditions of dangerous neglect. When the market fails, it is up to us to step up.

It is also up to City Council to step up for transit equity. With a background in transportation, Abdel knows that access to mass transit is the key to a strong local economy and safer streets.

On the School Board, Abdel worked proactively for care-based, versus police based, safer schools. He knew that the best response to pandemic-era isolation was counseling and healthcare. He has been transparent, speaking up about the issues on Instagram and in the media.

On the School Board or on City Council, there are those who lead and those who follow. Abdel is one of the leaders.

-Jonathan Krall,