City: stay out of my pool

City: stay out of my pool
(Graphic/Jessica Kim)

To the editor:

I am a swimmer. During most of the year, I swim at Chinquapin pool; but during the summer months, I swim at the pool at my condominium where I have lived for the past eight years. This year, a city ordinance surfaced which states that our pool must be closed and all swimmers and pool walkers must exit the pool and the lifeguard must be given a break every hour and last for 15 minutes.

I swim for one hour three times a week and breaking up my routine negates much of the health benefit that I get. One cannot just stop one’s exercise for 15 minutes and then resume it. The cardiac and aerobic and muscular benefits of exercise must be continuous.

My complaint is that this hourly break is too frequent, it adds up to 2 ½ out of the 10 hours that the pool is open. Why can’t the city change the ordinance to 15 minutes every two hours, then the pool users and the lifeguard and the city can be happy.

The quality of life in Alexandria is very important and infringements such as this are really very intrusive.

-Larry Cholden,