Large cities need wards

Large cities need wards
(Graphic/Jessica Kim)

To the editor:

Former Mayor Allison Silberberg made excellent points regarding the latest BID maneuver in her May 30 Alexandria Times commentary piece, “The BID proposal cometh again.” As it so often does, Council has refused to accept the will of voters and citizens. The latest maneuver is to create a “do over.” We should have become accustomed to this behavior.

I take objection to only one of Silberberg’s observations: “It is not worthy of a great city.” It is indeed unworthy, but Alexandria is not a great city. It will not be a great city so long as it has the present governing structure. A city of 150,000 citizens cannot be effectively governed by a structure suitable for a town of 5,000. An election of the entire Council at-large without wards cannot be representative.

Mayor Justin Wilson has said that wards lead to competing interests. Indeed it does, that is what representative government is supposed to do.

-David A. Norcross,