Overdevelopment is destroying ALX

Overdevelopment is destroying ALX

To the editor:

The “Kings Row” redevelopment project planned for 1604-1614 King St. is far too large for the neighborhood. The hotels in the area are four to five stories, and this development is going up eight stories, twice as tall as its neighbors.

This City Council has decided developers get to do whatever they want despite pleas from the community to stop the overdevelopment.

Just as this Council approved the Heritage project, replacing human-scale townhomes and apartments with eight-story buildings that do not in any way fit the neighborhood or Old Town, this Council is about to again cave to rich developers.

Most of us moved to Alexandria for the small town feel. We love the old, and new, townhomes, and the ability to see the sky when walking down the street, with sun shining on our faces. We’re not forever shrouded in shadows from skyscrapers. We moved to Alexandria, not New York City, or even Crystal City.

Planners say this brings “affordable housing” to the town. If reducing the charm of the town brings down the cost of living, we all have lost. Who will want to live here if it’s just a cheap urban city?

I urge this Council, and the town, to reject overdevelopment, and this “Kings Row” redevelopment. Once the Alexandria we know and love is gone, it’s gone forever.

-Mark Streich,