2022 Fall Salon

Find that special gift for the holidays while supporting your local arts community! The 2022 Fall Salon is on view through December 11.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center welcomes back Target Gallery’s fall art sale this year to support affordable art buying for art lovers and collectors. For this special exhibition, we have up to 79 original artworks for sale in Target Gallery, the contemporary exhibition space of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, by artists local to the greater DC metropolitan region. Each piece is priced no more than $500.

There is no theme to this exhibition, instead the Torpedo Factory Art Center asked 3 guest jurors to curate the selection based aesthetic quality. The goal for this exhibition is to encourage art buyers to support local art. 70% of sales proceeds go directly to the artists while the rest will go to support exhibitions and programs at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Artwork is displayed salon style in the gallery, to give the feeling of an art fair and allow for more work to be displayed in the space.

Participating Artists Include:

John T Allen, Bridget Anthony-Hlioui, Lisa Bernstein, Kathriel Brister, Sue Canuteson, Roya Chadab, Chris Combs, Elena Dorman, Marc D’Shawn, Gregory Logan Dunn, Jaqui Falkenheim, Saad Fansa, Lynn Fellman, Kelly Fisne, Rachel Garcia-Palmer, Jayne Gaskin, Shelia Gotti, Madeleine Greenwald, David-Allen Harris, Brie Hayden, Daniel Horowitz, Sabiha Iqbal, Selena Jackson, Teresa Jarzynski, Taléya “JET” Johnson, Miriam Julianna, Erik Kamenski, Kimberly Keller, Dylan Krinberg, Faith Ku, Liz LaGarde, Anthony Le, Susannah Lynch, Matthew Malone, Sandi Martina
Sarah Matthews, Kendrick Mernitz Smith, Kathryn Mohrman, Javaid Nayyar, Julia O’Bryan, Adam Odomore, L Palladino, Kit Paulsen, Chris Pavlik, Nathan Robbins, Doris Ross, Frank Roth, Cynthia Schoeppel, Robert Schultz, Rachel Crockett Smith, Marsha Staiger, Jan Stovall, Andrew Taylor, Sherry Trachtman, Beth Trainum, Suzanne Updike, Nino Utrugashvili, Samantha Van Heest, Charlie Visconage, Gale Wallar, Karen Waltermire, Lillis Werder, Jessie Whitten, and Carolyn Marshall Wright.