Afghanistan: A Conversation with Musicians and Journalists

Afghanistan: A Conversation with Musicians and Journalists

Join us in conversation with four female and male musicians and journalists from Afghanistan, newly arrived to the USA in August 2021, as they describe their alternately inspiring and harrowing experiences.

Many musicians and their families are in hiding in Afghanistan. Those that have been given refuge in the United States are in need of support not only for housing and basic expenses, but also for music lessons, instruments, rehearsal spaces, and much more to continue their musical pursuits and education.

To protect participants’ families, friends, and colleagues still in Afghanistan, we are not publishing names or identifying biographical details before the event.

A portion of proceeds from the event will be directed to support musicians in Afghanistan and their families, as well as those who recently arrived in the United States. This event is presented by Musical Movements for Change, a nonprofit organization associated with Classical Movements.