Alexandria Radio Club “Field Day”

The Alexandria Radio Club is hosting its annual amateur radio “Field Day” on June 25-26, 2022 at Armistead Booth Park, 520 Cameron Station Blvd, Alexandria, VA. Starting at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, members of the club will demonstrate public service emergency communications by working around the clock to set up field radio communication stations and get on the air. They will participate with thousands of other amateur radio operators in the US and Canada in conjunction with the American Radio Relay League’s Field Day 2022. The American Radio Relay League is the national umbrella organization for amateur radio interests and activities in the United States.

According to Rick Bunn, club Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Coordinator, Field Day is the annual demonstration of club emergency communications capabilities to support the City of Alexandria.

“Field Day is a way for amateur radio operators (hams) to get outdoors to operate and have fun under simulated difficult conditions,” Rick says. “But it’s also a chance to fine-tune emergency communication skills. We use generators and battery power, and we set up antennas in the field. The idea is to put together self-sufficient, working stations quickly and begin establishing communications.”

Everyone is invited: Everyone! Young and old, families, technology clubs, and scouting groups are encouraged to visit the Alexandria Radio Club Field Day 2022 event. Club members will set up and operate field radio station equipment to contact other hams throughout the US and Canada over 24 hours. Visitors are invited to operate radios with Club Members.