DADA 2.0 Art Exhibit Opening Night

For two years, life in the U.S. has been bizarre, confusing, and at times downright disturbing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, uptick in violence, and social and political strife, we have all been feeling off-kilter. In some ways, this is reminiscent of the period during WWI, where artists expressed their discontent towards violence, war, and nationalism. They did so by rejecting logic, reason, and decadence through an artistic expression of nonsense, irrationality, and unconventionalism. This movement became known as Dada or Dadaism, and birthed through the idea that “dada”, known as baby talk, evokes childishness and absurdity.

Join us on opening day, Friday, February 4 between 12-9pm for the widest selection of artwork. Mark your calendar now or set a reminder through Eventbrite.