Don’t Let it Happen to Poetry Again

On Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008 in Hyattsville, Maryland, Great Publishing Company presented “Don’t Let it Happen to Poetry.” Inspired by Kuroju Ntu’s poem of the same name, we gathered together in a spirit of creative comradery and 25 poets poured their heARTs onto the stage. When nostalgia struck, via a post of the list of performers from that night on social media, we were reminded of the multifaceted gift that poetry has been to us as lovers of the art and through us as creatives of the same. A reminder that we shared with lovers and creators of poetry on the 11th anniversary (January 5, 2019) of the original event at Kora.

Join us as we resummon that same energy a third time in a new location, The Morrison House in Old Town Alexandria, for “Don’t Let it Happen to Poetry Again,” a night where the featured artist will always be the art itself.