Edgar Allan Poe Funeral, Film & Fashion Exhibit

Visit an interactive art installation at the historic Carroll Mansion at1840s Plaza, where Poe’s body and casket will lie in state in a re-enactment of the dark and somber day Poe was laid to rest. Tour the various conspiracies that plague Poe’s legacy and learnhow the very clothes he wore offer clues to his mysterious death. Pay your respects at a special candle-light vigil for the master of horror and mystery.
Included this year: The NEW “Poe in Film & Fashion Exhibit” at 1840s Plaza.
Presented by Poe Baltimore at 1840s Plaza, the “Poe in Film & Fashion” exhibit explores the ways in which Edgar Allan Poe’s life and works continue to inspire and shape popular culture. See real costumes from recent and upcoming films that adapt Poe’s life or works. A mobile app and live guide are included to answer your questions!
This exhibit features costumes from film & television programs, including American Masters’ Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Live, starring Denis O’Hare as Poe on PBS, Altered Carbon starring Chris Conner as Poe on Netflix/ Skydance, and a special sneak peek at production and costume details from 3 Days Rising, a new movie adaptation of Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher,” starring Peter Greene, Ice-T, Mickey Rourke and Frank Whaley.
NOTE: Death and funeral imagery (including body in an open casket), may not be suitable for young children. Viewer discretion advised. Limited street parking and garage parking is available at . This is a ticketed event; timed entry guarantees admission.
Mobile App/ Cell Audio Guide
Poe’s Clothing and the mystery of Poe’s Death in 1849
Candle-light Vigil for Edgar Allan Poe in the historic Carroll Mansion
Production & Costume Tour from recent and upcoming films/documentaries
Scenes from Poe’s first funeral
Baltimore clothier, Christopher Schafer, takes on E.A. Poe!
Exhibits by:
Poe Baltimore, The Poe Museum (Richmond VA), The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, Charles Wissinger, Craig Cukrowski & Derek Cukrowski, Eric Stange & Spy Pond Productions, Thad & Season Ciechanowski, Poe Movies, Christopher Schafer Clothier, Jason Strutz Illustration, Jericho Vinegar Works, Roger Miller, Kenny Epps & The Baltimore Camera Club.