HEAL by Elevado | Live music, movement, meditation & more

HEAL is an interactive concert experience led by the band Elevado that consists of original acoustic music, woven together with guided breathwork, meditations, light physical movement, and stories of healing. The show is designed to put the audience in a space of mindfulness and restoration, while inspiring self-love and community connection.


Elevado is a singer-songwriter duo composed of duel baritones, Brad Rhodes (vocals, piano, guitar) and Brent Shuttleworth (vocals, guitar). Both were independent, national touring artists that combined forces in Northern Virginia at the head of the 2020 quarantine. Through a process of woodshedding, they found their purpose and sound by embracing the deeper truths surrounding the unparalleled state of the world.

Having connected while working at an orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti, Elevado explores the range between their singer-songwriter influences and real, autobiographical stories that reflect the depth of their own life experience. Their inspiration is drawn from their favorite artists, writers and teachers expanding beyond the music industry: Eckhart Tolle, Brené Brown, Damien Rice, Jon Bellion and many more. Elevado’s sound is grounded in dynamic and vulnerable lyrics brought to life by the colorful exploration of melody crafted within transcendent musical landscapes.