High School Student History Awards Program with Guest Speaker Tim Winkle

Join members of the Alexandria Historical Society as we honor outstanding students of history, one from each of the four high schools in Alexandria. The annual awards program has its own long history, beginning in 1984. For more than 35 years, teachers from Alexandria High School, Episcopal High School, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Upper School, and Bishop Ireton High School have recommended students for the awards based on their academic achievement and scholarship in American history.

Each year, a seasoned historian gives a talk on their own path to a career in elucidating the past. Authors, archaeologists, academics, public historians, and museum professionals have all sought to inspire the award recipients and other attendees. This year’s speaker, Tim Wilke, will share his own journey, including his work as a curator in the Division of Cultural and Community Life at the National Museum of American History. There, he has been involved in developing numerous exhibits, including the permanent exhibition “Many Voices, One Nation” and the children’s learning center “Wonderplace.”
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