In Wonderland

Local Motion Project Presents: In Wonderland

December 10
12:30 p.m. and 5:30pm
George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Join us for our inaugural winter show, featuring a diverse range of dancers spanning from ages 7 to 71. This captivating performance features dancers from the Youth Ensemble and the LMP Collective (our adult performing ensemble) and includes both our dedicated students, and talented members of the community.

The show is a heartwarming celebration of the moments that make life truly meaningful. Follow the enchanting journey of two young dancers as they embark on a quest to discover these magical moments across generations. Don’t miss this special event.


Things to know:

Venue Information: For a better understanding of our non-traditional setting, we recommend you take a virtual tour of the venue here:

Audience Enjoyment and Safety: Our top priority is ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience for both our audience and performers. Please consider the following when purchasing tickets:

Seating Options: We have a few seating options to choose from: carpet area floor seats, and upper-level seats.

Side Balcony Seats: Please be aware that the balcony seats on the side have partially obstructed views, and we offer them at a discounted rate. These seats are not recommended for children under 12.

Choreography and Show Design: The choreography and show have been thoughtfully designed with the viewpoint from above in mind, as well as the floor seats.

Balcony Rails: The balcony rails are relatively low. If you choose balcony seats, please refrain from leaning on them, and ensure everyone in your party follows this guideline to ensure safety.

Age Recommendation: This show is recommended for ages 5 and up, or for children who can sit for one hour and adhere to safety precautions. This includes being careful on stairs, refraining from leaning on the balcony, and remaining seated in floor seats, as getting up could pose a danger to the dancers.

Accessibility: We can accommodate wheelchair seating by removing a few floor seats. If you require accessible seating and entry, please inform us before the show, and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding to make this event a wonderful experience for everyone.