Journey into the 7 Chakras + Sound Bath

The seven Chakras (“wheel”), or centers of swirling energy or Prana, run along the length of the spine and reference areas of our bodies with major organs and bundles of nerves. When balanced and flowing freely, our Chakras help to promote a healthy emotional, physical, and mental state of being.

In this special workshop, you will explore various methods of balancing all 7 Chakras including: Flow, Chanting/Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, AND discuss exercises for you to practice OFF of your yoga mat that will continue to nurture this sense of balance in all areas of your life!

After exploring mindful movement, Michelle Plummer will take you on a journey through sound to align your Chakras, and leave you with a feeling of deep relaxation, connectivity, and awareness.

You may bring any additional props to usher you into a comfortable space for the sound bath, such as a blanket, eye mask, or your own bolster/yoga blocks.

✨ Saturday, June 4th

✨ 3:30-5:30pm

✨ West Springfield Studio: 8426 Old Keene Mill Rd

✨ $45 (members receive 10% off)