May Day Soiree

Join the Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee to celebrate the tradition of “La Fête du Muguet” during a celebration of France’s May Day! According to tradition dating back to the Renaissance, loved ones celebrate the blossoming of the lily of the valley and the arrival of Spring by giving a bouquet or sprig of lilies (“brin de muguet”) as a token of friendship, love, affection and good luck. On May 1st in France you can find brin de muguet sold on every street corner. On April 30th in Alexandria join us at the King Street Farmers Market to purchase your very own lily of the valley, followed by a free garden party with a champagne fête and family friendly activities at the beautiful Carlyle House. Flowers and champagne will be for sale with proceeds supporting our student exchange programs making it possible for American students and professionals to experience life abroad. Learn more about our mission at