Meditative Art Mandalas Workshop (Register by 4/3)

Instructor: Stacy Rausch
Date/Time: April 11, 6 to 9 p.m.
Cost: $40 Del Ray Artisans member / $50 Non-member; plus a $20 Supply Fee
Class size: 5-15 participants
(Register by midnight on April 3)

Mandalas in progress by Stacy Rausch
Mandalas in progress by Stacy Rausch
Drawing mandalas can be a type of therapeutic art form and can help well-being and reduce anxiety. The design is usually symmetrical, radiating from the center of a circle, which is what you will learn to do in this class. However, I will also show examples of what else you can do with the basic shapes and structure of the mandala, or “circle.”

After showing you the basics of how to construct a mandala, we will spend time going over the primary designs and shapes, before jumping into drawing your own circular piece of art.

Each student will receive a basic kit you will take home to continue your meditative art journey.

Note: The art of the mandala has been around since the 4th century primarily in Tibet, India, Nepal, China and Japan. Buddhists use the mandala as a spiritual and ritual symbol – often creating sand mandalas that are then destroyed in a ceremony.