NERDY: Tessellation Workshop

Del Ray Artisans turns THIRTY this year. To celebrate, take one or more of our rhyming programs in September!

During the NERDY: Tessellation Workshop use your love of art with basic math and geometry to explore the process of tessellation on a 2D surface. To tessellate you create a pattern that completely covers a surface without gaps or overlaps. Think of the awe-inspiring Al Humbra, works of Escher, and American quilts.

First the instructor will review artworks that use tessellation and share how this process has influenced her own artistic process and art; then, through a working demonstration, you will measure, make templates, and trace. Next you will explore patterns made by adjacent, sliding and translating shapes. Upon the completion of your basic pattern, make the creative decision to either maintain a purely geometric theme or add organic variances through subtle details. Once your pattern is established, you will “ink” and apply color patterns. WARNING: The drawing of repeated patterns is known to have a calming effect! 😉