OUTDOOR NSO CONCERT: Haydn’s Joke for Strings with Musicians from the National Symphony

Haydn’s “Joke” for Strings
Musicians from the National Symphony
Marissa Regni, violin | Marina Aikawa, violin | Tsuna Sakamoto, viola | Eugena Chang, cello
“The String Thing”
Heather LeDoux Green, violin | Paul DeNola, bass | Jeffrey Weisner, bass

Musical laughs meet exquisite harmony when musicians from the National Symphony play Haydn’s witty String Quartet in E-flat – nicknamed “The Joke,” appropriately for a composer noted for his sense of humor as well as for being the “Father of the String Quartet.” The program also features Pulitzer Prize-winning Jennifer Higdon’s gentle musical portrait, “Southern Harmony.” Then hilarious duo “The String Thing” (Heather LeDoux Green, Paul DeNola) leads a Guess the Composer Challenge. Test your knowledge of the great works of classical music – and see if special guest Jeff Weisner can keep his NSO colleagues on their best behavior!

Part of the Sounds of Hope & Harmony series. More details and tickets on website: https://www.classicalmovements.com/secretgardenconcerts/