Philip Livingston | Family, Ghosts and Other Strangers

February 25 — April 4, 2021
Online and in the gallery:
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12-4 pm, Free

Philip Livingston’s solo show, Family, Ghosts and Other Strangers, opens at the Athenaeum on February 25th. In this exhibition Philip notes: “One artistic model I admire and try to emulate is the haiku poem. The haiku conveys its meaning through simple images. Its meaning can grow over time. It does not insist.

The figures in this exhibition are derived from photos of family and
acquaintances. They can be understood as real or imaginary; fictional
or historical; physical or ghostly; present or past. Therefore some are
silhouettes while others are rendered in pencil or pastel. Each technique
has its role.”

Photo: Philip Livingston, Double Margaret (detail), 2018, Acrylic paint and pastel on birch panel