STIGMA Art Exhibit Opening Day

Visit Del Ray Artisans gallery in September to view the STIGMA art exhibit showcasing various representations of stigma. These works include viewpoints on mental health disorders, HIV, homelessness, disabilities, sexual orientation, bullying, race and ethnicity, and more.

Webster’s definition of stigma is “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person.” This exhibit brings to light the challenges stigma presents for individuals connecting with society. Through their art, local adult artists and high school students express their perspective on the concept of stigma—how it feels, how it can affect and/or disrupt lives, and how it can be overcome.

Reserve a ticket for a half-hour viewing during the extended hours on opening day: Friday, September 3 between 12-9pm. Opening day tickets are not required, but ticket holders have priority entry. The gallery capacity is limited to 15 people at any one time in order to facilitate social distancing.