The Beast Unleashed! Old Time Stongman hosts 3 bands and bends bars!

**Get Ready to Unleash the Beast!**

Brace yourself for an electrifying night of pure musical magic! Join us for a spectacle that combines raw energy, infectious melodies, and interactive fun, all in one exhilarating event! Kicking off the night with a thunderous boom, The People Psychologic ignites the stage with their dynamic drums and bass duo. Feel the pulse, feel the rhythm, as they set the groundwork for an evening bursting with musical prowess!

Keep the party going with the sensational funky pop vibes of Tobin James! His melodies are as infectious as his beats are dance-worthy. Get ready to move and groove to tunes that’ll keep you on your feet all night long!

Hold onto your seats as Old Time Strongman Hott Todd Lincoln takes center stage! He’ll emcee the night with classic sideshow acts that defy the limits of strength and agility. Witness astounding feats as he bends bars and escapes from a straight jacket, all while the melodies of the night fill the air!

And finally, the crescendo of the night arrives with the mischief-laden tunes of Sable Drive! This rock band with horns invites YOU to become part of the performance, adding your beats and rhythms with hand percussion. Immerse yourself in their mischievous songs and feel the thrill of collaborating with the band! Unleash the beast within as muscles meet melodies in a night that celebrates unity, music, and sheer entertainment. This is your chance to be part of a thrilling musical journey that’ll leave you exhilarated and craving more!