Virtual Ask the Expert: Life’s Essential 8 – Improving heart health for older adults

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The American Heart Association has introduced a list of key prevention targets, known as “Life’s Essential 8,” to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease and increase longevity and quality of life. Join interventional cardiologist Abdulla Damluji, MD, PhD, to learn how aging impacts heart health and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Dr. Damluji is Director of the Inova Center of Outcomes Research, dedicated to promoting innovation and improving outcomes for older adults undergoing cardiovascular interventions.

Why it matters: Age is the single most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and by 2030, one in six people worldwide will be over the age of 60. Heart disease also contributes to frailty and cognitive impairment. Preventing and managing heart disease in older adults is increasingly important as our population ages.

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