Editorials, columns and letters about the issues facing Alexandria.

Our View: Assessing Alexandria’s local election

Nationwide the vaunted blue wave was real, and though not the tsunami predicted at one point, in Alexandria it helped lift the full Democratic...

Letter to the Editor: Bennett-Parker for city council

To the editor: I am a proud Alexandrian who lives on the West End, but I work three jobs to afford to live here –...

Letter to the Editor: Election Day must be our Independents Day

To the editor: I fully support Independent candidate Mark Shiffer for city council. Shiffer deserves your vote. Take an extra two seconds to scan to...

The Business Plan with Bill Reagan: Becoming conversant with your financials

Many of us are not fiscally or numbers oriented, and some business owners struggle when it comes to managing their cash, grasping their financials...

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Lorber to the school board

To the editor: Three years ago, I wrote to this paper to endorse Margaret Lorber as a first-time candidate for the Alexandria City School Board...

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Nolan to the school board

To the editor: I write in support of Veronica Nolan’s candidacy for reelection to a seat on the Alexandria City School Board as a representative...
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