The opinions of the Times’ editorial board on the latest news and events in Alexandria.

Our View: Public safety must come first

Public safety is the first function of government at every level. This necessity stems from the fact that, without protection, we live in a...

Our View: Federal program improves hospital safety

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is thought of as the father of medicine because he was instrumental in advancing the clinical study of disease....

Our View: Affordable housing needs dedicated funding

Kudos to city council for holding a lengthy discussion on funding options for affordable housing during its legislative meeting Tuesday night. The decimation of Alexandria’s...

Our View: A quintessentially Alexandria weekend

History, tourism, culture and community are important elements of life in Alexandria. Facets of each were on display last weekend during the official celebration...

Our View: A tale of two tax bases

Gaps in the political realm are generally not good. A gender gap that’s too wide can spell doom for a political career. An education...

Our View: Inspirational leaders forged by adversity

The oft-quoted proverb by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “What does not kill me makes me stronger,” is overused, but that doesn’t mean it’s not largely...
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