Letters to the editor about news and issues in Alexandria.

Letter to the Editor: Do we want lights on every field?

To the editor: If any taxpaying resident needed proof that they are nothing more than a cash cow to those ruling Alexandria, then simply savor...

Letter to the Editor: Christopher Suarez for Alexandria School Board

To the editor: In my 45 years as a resident of Alexandria, I never recall having a burning issue that propelled me to write a...

Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: A needed ‘Rule’ change

By Bryan Porter The process by which prosecutors and defense attorneys exchange information about a pending criminal case is called discovery. Criminal discovery is governed by the Rules...

Letter to the Editor: City should charge ‘market price’ for parking

To the editor: In his Sept. 6 letter to the Times, “City officials created Chatham quagmire,” Dan Hazlewood said, “The idea some have that less...

Letter to the Editor: T.C. voter drive about engagement, not fraud

To the editor: I am writing in response to a letter in the Aug. 23 Alexandria Times, “Press has unique role in exposing wrongdoing,” primarily...

Letter to the Editor: The disconcerting rhymes of history

To the editor: On Sept. 4, the Alexandria Planning Commission voted 6-0 to endorse the City of Alexandria Department of Planning and Zoning’s proposed “Route...
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