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Our View: Are we a slaughterhouse city?

We offer no opinion on the advisability or morality of meat consumption. Happily, we live in a free society where people make decisions about diet...

Proposed halal poultry butchery goes to public hearing amid controversy

By Cody Mello-Klein | cmelloklein@alextimes.com City council will vote on a proposed special use permit for a halal poultry market and live butcher shop at...

Pets: New Year’s resolutions for dog people

By Kim Gilliam Heading into 2019, you will inevitably think about things you wish to accomplish in the New Year – but these don’t have...

Pets: Are dogs or cats smarter? Science has an answer

By Kim Gilliam Dog owners say their pets are smartest because they are loyal, joyful and trainable. Cat owners say their pets are smarter for...

Pet Matters: Ignoring aggression sets your dog up for failure

In January, the Alexandria Times reported on an incident in which a woman was forced to shoot her dog to save her boyfriend from...

Pet Matters: Titan and Sox: proof that love exists

My dogs, Titan and Sox have an amazing relationship. Their love story began just under four years ago and watching them interact makes even...
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