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Out of the Attic: Montgomery Ward and the ‘Spirit of Progress’

Montgomery Ward, first established in Chicago in the 1870s, was a mail order business that allowed customers, even those outside of urban areas, to...

Out of the Attic: Before CVS and Diversions – Fairlington Centre...

Between 1942 and 1944, the Defense Homes Corporation financed construction of more than 3,400 housing units to comprise the new Fairlington community, located in...

Out of the Attic: The Hugo Black House

Around 1800, Thomas Vowell, Jr., a prominent Alexandria merchant, built a new home along what was then called Water Street. It later became South...

Out of the attic

Bellevue and berries

Out of the attic

Unfit for murderers

Out of the attic

306 North Washington Street 

Out of the attic

Alexandria was always a little scrappy 

Out of the attic | D.C. boundary markers

The new federal city, the District of Columbia, was laid out in a diamond shape and marked with boundary stones in 1791 and 1792.

Out of the Attic

Franklin and Armfield Office