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About Alexandria: The development test

Infrastructure decisions in Alexandria, particularly those related to new development, are topics of continuing and vigorous debate. A former City Councilor defined a test...

Your Views: Planned Belleview redevelopment is wrong

To the editor: We are writing to register our opinion about the proposed development in the Belleview Shopping Center. We are dismayed that plans are underway...

Donley did vote for BRAC density

To the editor: In the March 28 Alexandria Times, Bill Goff wrote a letter, “The solution to a residential nightmare,” highlighting why the enormous BRAC...

Your Views: Former mayor defends his record

To the editor: The March 28 Alexandria Times offered a letter from Bill Goff, “The solution to a residential nightmare,” and his criticism of the...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Vision Zero’ has zero benefits

To the editor: Let me introduce you to the city’s latest plan for traffic management and safety in our city. “Vision Zero” is an organizational...

Our View: BRAC to the future

"… Nearby residents shouted in anger that they weren’t consulted during the … decision process, while officials from all parties involved passed the buck....

Shadow of a doubt

Petitioners demand investigation into Armys rationale behind Mark Center move

Bill mitigating influx of workers, congestion passes House

In hopes of slowing down a flood of motorists speeding to the Department of Defense structure coming to fruition on the citys West End, Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) included language in the Defense Authorization bill last week that would limit the number of parking spaces available at the facility.

Winkler preserved

VDOT drops all plans for BRAC construction that would mar Winkler Botanical Preserve

Support the natural preserve and creative traffic solutions

Alexandrians need to insist on better alternatives that provide traffic relief and are acceptable to our community while also preserving Winkler Botanical Preserve