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Foodie: Rosemary chicken can be medicinal and flavorful

By Elizabeth Holm For a number of years, I have experienced a diminished sense of smell; not a complete lack of smell, but a decreased...

Foodie: Gorgeous, delicious and nutritious pumpkin

By Elizabeth Holm This time of year, we are constantly reminded of pumpkins. Jack-O-lanterns at Halloween and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving are traditions that many...

Foodie: A delicious way to eat a tomato a day

By Elizabeth Holm Every spring, I anxiously await the first fresh tomatoes from the local farmer’s market so I can make my all-time favorite meal...

Foodie: How to work in more veggies – without sacrificing flavor

By Elizabeth Holm As a nutritionist, I often have people ask me what they should eliminate from their diets to be healthy. There have been...

Foodie: Sour cherries are healthy – and delicious

By Elizabeth Holm When I was growing up, there were two sour cherry trees on our property. As soon as the cherries were ripe, my...
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