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Alexandria residents arrested for exporting firearms to Chechnya

Two Alexandria residents were arrested Tuesday on charges of international trafficking of firearms and smuggling, the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Virginia...

Your Views | A Shot Back on Guns

I was disturbed to read T.J. Parmeles attacks on Abby Spangler, the founder of Protest Easy Guns, in his recent letter, Local Mom Misses Target (Letters, January 15). While not so subtly suggesting that Ms. Spangler is a liar who has misled the media and the public, Mr. Parmele has himself offered a great deal of misinformation with no valid source.

Local Mom Misses Target

The January 9 article, Local Mom Takes Aim at Gun Show Loophole, is interesting. Other than the fawning tone of the article toward the cello playing Ms. Spangler (with the word cello mentioned over seven times), the paper misses some key facts and instead reads like a Protest Easy Guns press release rather than an objective newspaper.

Gun Regulations Loosened in National Parks

Citizens with concealed weapons permits and local and state law enforcement with firearm permits are now allowed on or off duty to wield guns within the boundaries of National Parks, including along the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Local Mom Takes Aim at “Gun Show Loophole”

The goals of Protest Easy Guns are simple, deliberately apolitical, and attainable: To get all 50 states to close their gun show loophole so that all sellers at gun shows will have to conduct background checks on gun purchasers; to reinstate the ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines (larger than 10 rounds), which were banned for 10 years by Congress but allowed to lapse in 2004.