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My View: Alexandria gets housing affordability wrong

By Vanessa Calder Alexandria’s city council successfully increased the meals tax on restaurants in its jurisdiction on May 10. The council’s plan is to dedicate...

Our View: Off these mean streets

Homelessness is the point where numerous other issues intersect. Housing affordability, addiction, mental health problems and availability of social services and jobs are factors...

To the editor: It’s time to sustain affordable housing in Alexandria

To the editor: For almost two decades, Alexandria has lost a considerable amount of its affordable housing stock, making it increasingly difficult for average Alexandrians...

Letter to the Editor: Council should call the question for affordable...

To the Editor:  Alexandria has lost more than 17,000 market-affordable rental homes since 2000 – a shocking 90 percent loss of the city’s moderately priced housing...

Housing master plan aims for affordability, balance

It may be a little more than a year away, but the City of Alexandria will finally have a comprehensive guide for development, with an eye toward one of its most fleeting resources affordable housing.

Alexandria: Affordable?

Panel offers varied perspectives on issues for less-affluent residents

Redevelopment means growing pains for public housing residents

Relocating 32 households has caused  growing pains for some public housing residents

Some cooperative members remain uncooperative

Senses of frustration and injustice still exist at Arlandria Chiralagua Housing Cooperative