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Dont step foot in my city without legal status

As Arizonas official crackdown on illegal border-crossers gains momentum, where will all the scattering illegal immigrants end up?  How about welcoming them to settle in such sanctuary cities as Alexandria?

Illegal immigrants are criminals simple as that

Lucero Beebe-Giudices letter calls Alexandrias participation in the Secure Communities federal-local partnership a sell-out of democratic principles in attempts to resolve a federal issue. 

City services belong to taxpayers, not undocumented immigrants

In her letter Immigration Solutions Must Reflect Our Values, Lucero Beebe-Giudice of the group Tenants and Workers United cleverly attempts to mask the threat illegal immigrants pose in our society with the use of emotionally appealing words that evoke traditional American ideals.

YOUR VIEW | No crying for criminals

I was amused by the article, "Unfair Word Choice Regarding Immigrants" (December 22, 2009). From the point of view of my ancestors, the Native American Indian, the word "immigrant" did not exist only "welcomed but unwanted visitors" exist.