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Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: Forensic evidence is difficult to collect

As I have noted in a previous edition of this column, acting as a juror in a criminal case can be a difficult proposition...

Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: How prosecutors handle their ‘gremlins’

In criminal cases, prosecutors do not get to choose their evidence. Every prosecutor would enjoy always having compelling forensic evidence and unimpeachable witnesses, particularly...

Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: Knowing your rights

Last Saturday, Alfred Street Baptist Church hosted a public forum entitled, “Know Your Rights.” The forum featured a three-person panel of lawyers discussing the...

Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: Real world forensics versus the TV...

By Bryan Porter A prosecutor preparing a case has a very real conundrum to consider: How to deal with jurors who harbor unreasonable expectations about...

Justice Matters with Bryan Porter: Circumstantial evidence is crucial for prosecutors

By Bryan Porter Imagine reading an advertisement for a job that described the requirements of employment thusly: “The successful candidate will be given no formal training...
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