Tag: livability

Our View: Vibrancy must be balanced with livability

The current favored buzzword in Alexandria is “vibrancy.” To be vibrant is to be full of energy and life. Who doesn’t want that? The question...

Our View: Alexandria’s endangered species: our golden goose

“Vision” is a fascinating word. Literally, it means to see, but true vision is the ability to see broadly, as is the cliché of...

Mayoral candidates set for final showdown

By Alexa Epitropoulos and Missy Schrott With less than a week left until the Democratic primary, the already-heated clashes between mayoral opponents, incumbent Allison Silberberg...

Our View: A tale of two tax bases

Gaps in the political realm are generally not good. A gender gap that’s too wide can spell doom for a political career. An education...
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