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Letter to the Editor: Alexandria needs an ethics ombudsman

To the editor: Allison Silberberg, the outgoing mayor of Alexandria, recently suggested that a permanent ethics commission be established by the incoming city council, which...

Our View: Preventative maintenance applies to ethics

Most people consider Alexandria an ably-run city. Our city staff in general are competent, knowledgeable and well-meaning. There have been no scandals in recent...

Letter to the Editor: Whither civic justice in Alexandria?

To the editor: What an exceptional tour de force of meaningful, in-depth reporting the Alexandria Times, Denise Dunbar and Missy Schrott have given us this...

Letter to the Editor: Government ethics is about institutional integrity

To the editor: I am writing to thank and commend you for your editorial, “An amended call for an ombudsman,” following up on your call...

Letter to the Editor: Conflict of interest and accountability

Your editorial addressing the rogue actions of the Alexandria Planning Commission (“Planning commission goes rogue” in the Sept. 21 Alexandria Times) when paired with...

Our View: An amended call for an ombudsman

In last week’s editorial we issued a call for an ombudsman in Alexandria to oversee ethics issues. In the intervening week, we learned an...

Our View: It’s time for an Alexandria ombudsman

A conflict of interest is defined as a situation where a person is positioned to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in...
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