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Letter to the Editor: Correcting the record on Jefferson-Houston performance

To the Editors, I’m writing to unpack a statement in a letter to the Alexandria Times editors titled “City should spend less money on education.”...

Editorial: Criminals have it easy at City Hall

Government employees have a target on their backs as the country wades slowly out of recession. Secure public sector jobs and guaranteed pensions anger...

This week’s ‘toon

A different look at the zeitgeist.

YOUR VIEW | No crying for criminals

I was amused by the article, "Unfair Word Choice Regarding Immigrants" (December 22, 2009). From the point of view of my ancestors, the Native American Indian, the word "immigrant" did not exist only "welcomed but unwanted visitors" exist. 

YOUR VIEW | Thanks for aiding health care, senators

In a year when Americans feel like they have had little to celebrate over the holiday season, at least we received one long-belated gift: a brightly wrapped health care bill.

Out of the attic

R.E. Lee Camp Hall

Does Anyone Really Miss Oldsmobile?

The automobile industry is responsible for their failings. They are either not producing vehicles Americans want or the cost is prohibitive.